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The Benefits of Artwork in the Office

The Benefits of Artwork in the Office

The Benefits of Artwork in the Office

I’m not an expert on the corporate lifestyle, but what I’ve learned when clients ask me to draw murals for their office is that the artwork needs to reflect the company values and culture. Brand murals are a popular and unique way for organizations to display their creativity to their employees, and transform the office from a corporate environment into to a personalised community.


Office artwork has the ability to inspire employees and promote a happy and comfortable work space. According to a Forbes study “83 percent of the employees felt that artwork was important in the work environment…art can truly make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing.”


Brand logos are typically boring and uninteresting. In order to make the logos come alive we’ve added backgrounds of architecture, places, people, food, etc. It’s a collaboration between us and the business to make sure we are displaying the brand in a new creative way.


Brand murals are more powerful than traditional company logos or mission statements. They show a different side of a brand through visual storytelling. You are able to capture the company history, values, brand awareness, and community with artwork. It’s a great way to motivate, and inspire creativity among employees who spend 90% of their time at the office. When your employees are happy in their office environment this leads to them working better, which will have a positive impact on your business.


In my opinion, companies are seeing the value of artwork in their offices, especially the benefits it provides their teams. One of our clients, P&G, asked us to create a Heritage mural in their Singapore office. They wanted the artwork to display P&G’s long and prestigious history to their employees. The client feedback was overwhelmly positive as the employees enjoyed seeing the artwork every morning. It was also a daily reminder of the company vision and values that they can incorporate into their work.


For brands who are interested in an office art mural it is good to prepare some ideas before meeting with an artist. Here are some requirements to think about.


  • Why do you want to have the art mural?
  • What is a content inside the art mural?
  • What is a wall dimension?
  • What is a timeline?

Feel free to reach us for more details.

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