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A Good company thinks about its staff first

A Good company thinks about its staff first

To run a business, it consists of many things e.g. shareholders, staff, suppliers, customers, etc.  The good companies pay attention on their staff as the first priority, management believes if staff are happy, they also can contribute the values to customers.


I have read a book inspired by Japanese companies called “Renen” (Business Philosophy, why your company exists). Here is the message from a customer to a company:


I was a disability elder and took so long from my door to get in the taxi due to my paralysis. Some of taxi driver feel edgy till I feel bad and one day people from a hospital introduced Chuo taxi to me then I called them to pick up m. I feel very good because they treat me so well, they carry me from the door into the car and they have a skill to take care of disability people. I feel excited every time to call them and can’t wait to see who my driver is. It made me happy while I’m waiting for a taxi. Last time I was so depressed of my disability after I become a regular customer. I want to live longer and happier. Thank you so much Chuo Taxi.


Chuo Taxi is a taxi service in Nagano and Niigata area. Their mission is to deliver the best service to the customers and make their life comfortable especially elders. The management always talk to staff that they are not just taxi driver but they are a part of the customers’ life.


They want the staff to be proud and be a part of Nagano and Niigata economy.  When the staff realize they are not just usual taxi driver, they will put their heart and passion into the service. With this mindset, Chuo Taxi becomes a number one Taxi service in Nagano and Niigata. They don’t need to find the customer, customer find them.


Chuo Taxi story reminded me when I got a chance to work with Megawood at Trang, south of Thailand last year (2018). Their business is selling rubber wood which will be processed for wooden furniture. There are a lot of similar businesses in the area, but Megawood is outstanding and different from the rest. At Megawood, the management cares of their people so they provide free lunch, team bonding activities, beautiful office for their staff. And reason for having a wall mural at the office is to remind why they are there – to support Trang’s community, create works and incomes for local people so they can work at their hometown and proud of the province.



We worked closely with the client in order to come out with a concept of Trang’s iconic places, objects and local daily activities. This art mural incorporates the collage technique to reflect Megawood’s mission of being a part of the province to create works and incomes for local people and community.


The design objective is not only an aesthetic but to remind staff everyday that they want to contribute the value to the community. When they know their values, definitely they prompt to work for the company and customer with happiness. Recently, the art mural becomes the feature wall for guests and staff to take photos.


For companies who want to be the good company. It has to think about your staff first when they are happy, customers are happy too then the trust emerges and referral will come.



Renen is a book written by Thai author, Dr. Krittinee Pongthanalert. She studied in Japan and the stories are inspired by Japanese companies that last more than 100 years.


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